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Photograph by: Jenny Gummersall

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Windmill Winds Entertainment is an independent production company that’s dedicated to producing content to...

"Enlighten, Inspire and Entertain." 


The Santa Fe Foods 

Pilot Episode is Live!

Santa Fe Foods is an episodic docuseries that highlights the world-class chefs, restaurants and food of one of the world’s great food scenes -Santa Fe, NM.  

Every great restaurant is an extension and reflection of its Chef.  Every great Chef has a story; where they came from and how food played a pivotal role in who they are, how they see the world, what drives them and the road they took to become one of America’s great Chefs.

This series tells these compelling stories and celebrates their culinary prowess and contribution to the Santa Fe community.

This is Santa Fe Foods. 
You're gonna Love it! 

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